Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Austin

There's always that early morning ugly shot--Oh well, it's all part of Christmas morning
Merry Christmas Dan and Angie--Santa brought Dan a basketball backboard and Angie some new running shoes. The kids got a new play set for the backyard. Everyone was happy!!
Gary and I decided to spend Christmas in Austin. It was so great to be with Angie's family and our Kellie girl. Kellie's friend Peter came to spend Christmas with us. A very nice person, and what a singing voice!!

Dominic really was so happy to get a "motorcycle" his favorite gift.

Cute Avery got a barbie from Santa. Her nose has a black smudge from being counted by Santa.

Jaeden asked Santa for a music box. She was so excited. It plays "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"

Our little green "Hildy Bug" The kids favorite has been a good little car taking us to Texas twice and Gary back to Minn. the first of December for his step-mom's funeral. We put almost 6000 miles on this little car this month.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cruise to Alaska

All this is totally out of order, but we traveled with our wonderful friends Sterling and Susan Angle. This is the Amazing Empress hotel in Victoria Canada--a beautiful city!!
This perspective kind of lets you know how large our ship was. 1/5th of a mile--1800 passangers and 800 crew members. We did a bit of walking
This is Mt Ranier in the background with the city of Seattle in front--it was a georgous view pulling out of portThis is Gary--volunteer for task unknown--he was dressedup like an oompaloopa and had to hit an inflated golf ball off the stage--a few hundred people watching--he missed and the air of his swing knocked the ball off the stage--he brought the house down. blurry picture cause I was laughing so hard.
This was looking down on Juneau. We were at the top of the tram in a rain forest--imagine that in Alaska
This was a shot of glacier Bay. It's hard to show how really magnificent it was
Sterling and Susan--hiking through the rainforest
Michael their brother in Law also came with us.

ok I an a spacecadet blogger but here a few pictures from our Alaska Cruise. Gary is sitting on a tangled web of trees on top of the mountain in Juneau. This was a beautiful rainforest.

This was this was the tram we took 1800 ft to the top of the mt. It was sooo beautiful

This was a glacier wall I'm guessing at least 150 ft high. We witnessed several cavings--the ice cracking and falling into the water. It sounded like intense thunder.
Just me and my honey in Glacier Bay

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sue Reids Missionaries

Dad is so happy. He has his new phone-- it does everything except make his lunch. Thank goodness I am still needed

This was a thrilling day. Elder Austin Stidham reported his mission. He and Robbie Mellor were the missionaries who taught Sue--My very special friend from Canada who I had opportunity to teach at the MTC. All these people have Sue embeded in their heart forever

Kitchen Transformation...

We love the new transformation of our kitchen. What a difference a gallon of paint makes
Isnt this the most beautiful shelf you have ever seen. I love it. My Christmas present from Tyler
Tyler made this for me(: I have the most talented children. I am tickled pink!!!
A bit more peek at our decorations.

Oh the joy of a fresh new look. Thanks Tyler
Gary wasn't sure about the stars untill I hung them--He likes it

Notice the new stools. Love that Down East

Dad finished painting the Dining room today. I love all these fresh new changes

Friday, November 27, 2009


Grandpa took the kidlets to the park on a break for everyone--oops Kaitie fell in the muddy lake and was not too happy. I told her this would be funny later

after the turkey has been devoured the girls get creative..making a fun Christmas craft
It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without feeding the ducks at the Homestead.
Keagan and Kaitie are jaming out waiting for breakfast at Fanny's--the Humongous Cinnamon rolls are the best!!!
Grandpa says gathering the children for pictures is like herding cats

A beautiful end to a perfect day--We really do live Midway to Heaven